Fleet Building and Grants

Consistent with our mission to grow high-performance sailing by attracting diverse athletes and removing economic barriers, NAASA connects deserving teams with competitive F18 grant programs and subsidizes costs via sponsorship and fleet fundraising activities. We are also seeking individual athletes looking to helm and crew with existing teams. We are especially eager to attract collegiate and women sailor-athletes.

NAASA can connect interested sailors with potential donors and provide an avenue for skill development and training. NAASA experience will also help strengthen boat grant applications and provide an avenue for sponsorship funding. NAASA continues to focus on growing the local fleet and strongly encourages event participation for all interested sailors regardless of boat status. Individuals and teams interested in gaining experience or participating ad hoc can join the fleet and be added to upcoming crew lists.

Scholarship team Marina Barzaghi and Kaleigh Morgan teamed up in both 2021 and 2022


Scholarship team KP Knapp and Parker Colantuono in 2022. More about them


  • Competitive F18s granted by SSF
  • Regular fleet clinics, debriefs, and mentorship
  • High level, high performance racing!


Boat grants are offered through the Skiff Sailing Foundation. They will review applications and reach out to awardees as grant boats become available. Three grant boats currently participate in the NAASA series and more opportunities emerge regularly.

Note - Crew: 1 skipper and 1 crew with minimum combined weight: 115 kg (253 lbs). For Regattas - teams weighing less than 150 kg (330 lbs) combined may be required to carry corrector weights to bring them into compliance with F18 Class Rules.

Scholarship team KP Knapp and Parker Colantuono in 2022 found sponsorship as well with Ronstan to cover further costs