The sailing is fast and very involved physically and mentally with the boat.

Getting to Know: Joe Valante’s Nacra Carbon 20

July 13, 2020

1.  What is your name? Joe Valante

2. List the name(s) of the members of your crew? Jim Zellmer

3.  What is your boat's name, and what type is it? No boat name, Nacra Carbon 20

4. What is the most unique feature of your boat? That it’s 20 ft long and 10 ft 6inch wide Carbon Fiber hulls and mast,

5. What is your favorite memory of the New England 100? I have to many to pick one, I guess winning on the Carbon 20 in 2018

7. What do you love most about Multihull sailing? The sailing is fast and very involved physically / mentally  with the boat

8. What is your go-to post-race snack or beverage? Nice meal with friends and a Amstel light

9. What is your favorite event other than the New England 100 that you have participated in? Roton Point Regatta every year in September

10. What’s your top speed on this boat? I had GPS on going down wind top speed  25 MPH