Originally posted on Sailing Anarchy, organizers are still planning to run the 2020 race at this time.


June 3, 2020

Originally posted on Sailing Anarchy

For 30 years, the New England 100 has been a main event for multihull sailors.  A “mini Worrell 1000”, the 100 provides a great test of speed, skill and toughness covering 100 miles over 2 days.  While not as well publicized as the local keel boat activities, this is one of the true sailing tests on the east coast.  For many of its regular competitors, Skipp Whyte, Todd Ricardi, Mike Easton and Tripp Burd, this is the highlight of the season.

Like all “extreme” sailing events, the 100 has risks and suffered its first fatality last year when event Chairperson and Rockstar cat sailor Sandra Tartaglino was killed by powerboater.  Sandra, at 60, had been sailing the 100 for all 30 years and she was still at the top of her game having won BBR the week before the accident.  The 100 is a highlight for all who sail it, but Sandra loved the event so much that she was the key organizer and even recruited her parents to cook what has become a famous stuffie and chowder dinner every year.

Covid 19 is weighing on everyone, we need inspiration more than ever.  For multihull sailors, the New England 100 aims to be the main even for 2020.  A group has stepped into Sandra’s shoes to organize the 31st New England 100 – scheduled for August 15 & 16 in Newport, RI.  

The nature of this type of event  (single long-distance races, adults, small-crews) may be more than average conducive to the SOP’s of pandemic life.  There is still a risk of postponement to 2021, but sponsors are on-board, volunteers are ready, registration is open (no late fees), and Sandra’s Parents are ready to cook again!