NASSA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to promoting and supporting adult athletic, competitive sailing on the Narragansett Bay. Our primary activity is the NASSA Racing League, a series of events run on the Narragansett Bay. Through support from memberships, sponsorships, and donations - we provide access to qualified athletes.


NAASA NAASA looks to support athletes working in the Rhode Island marine industry and similar areas by reducing the costs to race high-performance boats. The organization is dedicated to growing the sport by removing economic barriers and supporting underrepresented teams through sponsorship programs and boat grant partnerships enabled by generous donations.

NAASA will provide a pathway to put American sailors back on top in international competition.

Tripp Burd


Lars Guck
Kaleigh Morgan


Marina Barzaghi



The F18 is a Formula 18 racing catamaran; the boat is a fun, sophisticated racing boat. It is a very stable platform that is just as fast as other high-performance boats out there, but is easier to drive and much nicer to one's wallet. The jib is self-tacking, allowing the crew to focus on other controls and boat handling maneuvers. The F18 can be sailed by the everyday sailor to racers to professionals. The minimum crew weight is 115 kg (253 lbs). 

 Over time, the F18 class has fostered design innovation, all while ensuring the competitive longevity of the boats. The F18 older models (versus the newer models) have shown that they can still rank in the top 10 at every regatta, regardless of age. Current fleet builders are Goodall Design, Nacra, Windrush, Exploder, Cirrus, and others.