The Narragansett Adult Athletic Sailing Assoc, Inc ”NAASA” founded in 2021, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to organizing and promoting competitive sailing in high-performance boats. Our passion is to grow this part of the sport of sailing. Therefore, removing economic barriers and promoting diversity are core to our mission. Our core activity is the F18 League.

“F18 is a fast, sophisticated race boat. It is also a very stable platform—one that is every bit as fast as other high-performance small boats, yet much more forgiving to drive and much more amenable to the time and budget limits that face the vast majority of sailors. With a minimum of sail controls, together with the self-tacking jib, crews can focus more on driving, boat handling, and tactical options instead of the subtle nuances of coaxing an extra tenth of a knot of boat speed from a spaghetti pile of control lines.” -U.S. F18 Fleet

Interested in becoming a member?

We offer an Individual Membership for $50 or a Supporting Membership for $150. Each membership allows you to participate in NAASA events until the end of the calendar year. A Supporting Membership is an Individual Membership, but you believe in our mission and would like to donate additional money to our cause.

The organization is dedicated to growing the sport of sailing by removing economic barriers and supporting underrepresented teams through boat scholarship programs enabled by generous donations.


We are looking for companies or individuals willing to sponsor a F18 so we can get more underrepresented athletes on the water! Sponsoring a boat can get your logo placed all over the boat, listed on all event media, social media postings, full access to content library, and more. This is a great way to get your brand out in front of the public with a unique twist!

We have different sponsorship packages that can meet the needs of your company. By partnering with NAASA, we can help you get the ROI that will exceed your expectations, all while helping our athletes fulfill their sailing dreams.