Getting to Know: FellowShip

Kacey Dutton is grabbing the carbon tiller of their Hobie 16, FellowShip, and coming out for the first time to honor Sandra in this year’s New England 100.

Getting To Know: Jenny III

Sandra taught me how to rig & sail F18s. They are of course super technical boats and I had no formal sailing instruction. Without Sandra and the rest of the fleet I would not be F18 sailing.

Getting to Know: Joe Valante’s Nacra Carbon 20

The sailing is fast and very involved physically and mentally with the boat.

Getting To Know: On The Verge

For us it’s always been the speed and effortless movement over the ocean … a beach cat can really cruise through varied sea states

Ability and Drive

Photo: Lindsey Duca // Sandra Tartaglino was a woman whose passion and love for sailing impacted many and remains timeless.


Originally posted on Sailing Anarchy, organizers are still planning to run the 2020 race at this time.

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